Wits End Cafe

Our site for the best cafe in North Yorkshire


Wits End Cafe Coffee

Wits End Cafe Coffee

What are we about? The best coffee you will ever taste, good service, good food, 5 stars,warm welcoming log burners in winter, warm welcoming walled garden in summer, thousands of great remarks in our Guest Book, we never advertise , our customers do that for us. 

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Lythe Bank Bottom, Sandsend, Whitby. North Yorkshire. YO21 3TG Telephone 01947 893658

  2. Outdoor seating has changed a bit since these photos were taken… however it still looks great. Food and coffee were good for us, though we did think the coffee was a little overpriced for what you call ‘large’ as this is normal regular for us! We’d call again though but perhaps have tea next time.

  3. Service ok, tea ok but cake was expensive, dry and crumbled like sawdust and that was lemon drizzle cake. What a shocker!

  4. Visited here about a month ago, honestly cant tell you how rude the staff where and how slow they were. We ordered two scones and two coffees. The coffees were weak and the scones where stale. We wont be back anytime soon and can strong advise against going here. Either go to Sandside or the restaurant in the car park near Mulgrave woods.

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